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Holiday Swap 2016

Hiya, everybody.  Happy Sunday to all.

Over in the discussion forum, we have been talking about having a Christmas or Holiday swap here on the group for this year.  There seems to be a lot of interest in having one, as they are so much fun for everyone!  I made a survey to help us decide on a theme, and also to help iron out the question of monetary limits (or not) on our swap for this year.  Here's the survey link:


Basically, there are two main questions.  One is whether we want to have one swap theme with two monetary limits (one subgroup with unlimited dollar amount, one subgroup with something like $25 - 40) or whether we want to have two entirely separate swaps, each with a different theme and with one being an unlimited swap and the other having a fixed dollar limit. 

The second question is about theme.  I put all the ideas that were suggested into a ranking and you can rank them by which is your favorite.

And lastly, there is a comment box for you to suggest other ideas.


Basic swap info for everyone:

For swaps, once a theme and dollar limit (or not) are decided, I will open up a signup period for a week or two and you will send me your information.  After the signup period closes, I will take the group of people (or groups) and assign each person a partner.  I usually assign in a round-robin type fashion, meaning that if you get someone's name, they likely do NOT have your  name.  This keeps everything a surprise.  We set a particular deadline that the swap has to be mailed by, and a rule of participation is that you have to photograph the swap once it arrives and show it off here.  I usually create a little group here (everyone can view it, even if they are not swapping) so we can discuss our swaps and then share photos when it arrives.  I personally find the swaps oodles of fun and it gives me something to open around the holidays that is something I truly want and pertains to my favorite hobby.  :)

For those of you new to swapping, here are our basic swap rules:


And here is a link to last year's swap to see what we did then: 


Email me when people comment –


  • Thanks for putting this all together, Elizabeth!!  It'll be fun to see what the results of the survey are!

  • One more day or so to vote for your choices.  :)

  • I voted right away!!

  • Ok, results are in:  One swap with two limits (one subgroup will be no monetary limit, the other subgroup will be a fixed limit) and the theme is Christmas Through the Decades.

    I'll try to get more complete details and a signup posted tomorrow or Monday.  :)

    For those who want a fixed-limit swap, please let me know, if you would, what you want the limit to be.  Past suggestions were $25, 35 or 40.

  • PS.  If anyone wants me to help them arrange a private swap with a different criteria (for instance, if you don't celebrate Christmas and you want to find a partner that would swap something season-related instead of Christmas), just send me a private message and I'll do my best to find you a partner!  Or once I make the official swap announcement, you could post under that and we can see if anyone else volunteers to be your partner.  The main goal is to have fun and enjoy the experience.

    In order to get maximal participation, I will also send an email message out to all the members.  We have well over 500 at this point, from many different countries.

  • I love that theme Elizabeth!! I have already an idea what I will make for a gift! :-)  

  • Sounds good, Elizabeth!  Will it matter Which decade we choose?  I have an idea for the 1950s, or maybe the 1960s wouldl be fun, or I could go back a bit in history.....

    • Nope, any decade is fine.  I'd just pick one that inspires you.

  • This is going to be so much fun, I love this time of year and getting a chance to do something special.  

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