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Spring Fling Photo Contest!

Hi everyone, we need a springtime activity, so Laura and I propose a Spring Fling Photo Contest!  Interpret the theme however you choose.  Show us how your Little Darlings celebrate springtime!  Each entry should feature at least one Little Darling.  You may submit a maximum of 2 entries per person, with a maximum of 2 photos per entry, by April 25th at midnight EST.  Winners will be chosen by popular vote and voting will occur the week after the contest closes.  I will provide a prize (TBA).  Entries should be emailed to me at elizabeth.r.wood@gmail.com by the closing date of the contest.  If anyone else wishes to donate something as a prize, please email me, as well.  Questions?  Ask them below!  :)


Archana has offered a decorated straw hat.  Here's the photo.  It's just breath-taking!

Elizabeth (me) will donate an outfit and matching shoes (shoes from a kit by Sissy):

Diana Sexton has donated this outfit:

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Happy Birthday Challenge!

Happy Birthday to our Our Little Darlings group on this Ning platform!  

We are now a year old and to celebrate, here are our birthday challenge entries!  Please view them all carefully and vote for your favorite one here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XJNPBBB. (Edited: now closed.) The winner will be sent a celebratory pink dress made by yours truly!

I am continually amazed at the talent on this group!  These entries sparkle with festive spirit and I can feel the birthday fun from here!  GREAT JOB, everyone!!

And stay tuned for our next activity, which will be a Holiday Tea swap for the winter holidays, as mentioned a few months ago.  I will open the signup later on today!

And the winner is:  Entry 1 by Mary S!  GREAT JOB!!

Entry 1:

Entry 2:

Entry 3:

Entry 4:

Entry 5:

Entry 6:  

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A Happy Birthday Challenge

Hi everyone!  This group in this format is one year old this month!  To celebrate, we are running a Happy Birthday Challenge!  To participate, submit one photograph of your Little Darling dolls celebrating (please submit to Elizabeth at elizabeth.r.wood@gmail.com)!  Please include a cake of some type that you've made.  You can make it any way you want to:  with air dry clay, decorated paper tubes, a real small cake, sewn felt, papier mache, etc!  Laura and I hope you have fun with this challenge.  We'll accept entries for three weeks (till midnight EST on September 27, 2015) and then we'll post the entries.  Winner will be by popular vote.  The dress on my girl below will be a prize.  It has matching bloomers.  I'll take a better photo when my new camera arrives!  My old one finally died so this is taken with my Kindle.

Have fun!

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Photo Story Challenge Fun for the New Year

Ladies and gents, you are going to love this!  Anyone with a Little Darling and a camera can participate in this challenge and the prize is so fantastic!  Please check out below for the rules and for prize photos.  Make sure you don't hesitate to message me if you need help in any way.  I'm happy to help you out to participate in this challenge!  :)

Here are the rules:  http://ourlittledarlings.ning.com/discussion-forum/tell-me-a-story-photo-challenge-2015

Here's the prize!! http://ourlittledarlings.ning.com/discussion-forum/prize-for-tell-me-a-story-challenge

And a little peek at the prize:

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