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Holiday Swap 2016

Hiya, everybody.  Happy Sunday to all.

Over in the discussion forum, we have been talking about having a Christmas or Holiday swap here on the group for this year.  There seems to be a lot of interest in having one, as they are so much fun for everyone!  I made a survey to help us decide on a theme, and also to help iron out the question of monetary limits (or not) on our swap for this year.  Here's the survey link:


Basically, there are two main questions.  One is whether we want to have one swap theme with two monetary limits (one subgroup with unlimited dollar amount, one subgroup with something like $25 - 40) or whether we want to have two entirely separate swaps, each with a different theme and with one being an unlimited swap and the other having a fixed dollar limit. 

The second question is about theme.  I put all the ideas that were suggested into a ranking and you can rank them by which is your favorite.

And lastly, there is a comment box for you to suggest other ideas.


Basic swap info for everyone:

For swaps, once a theme and dollar limit (or not) are decided, I will open up a signup period for a week or two and you will send me your information.  After the signup period closes, I will take the group of people (or groups) and assign each person a partner.  I usually assign in a round-robin type fashion, meaning that if you get someone's name, they likely do NOT have your  name.  This keeps everything a surprise.  We set a particular deadline that the swap has to be mailed by, and a rule of participation is that you have to photograph the swap once it arrives and show it off here.  I usually create a little group here (everyone can view it, even if they are not swapping) so we can discuss our swaps and then share photos when it arrives.  I personally find the swaps oodles of fun and it gives me something to open around the holidays that is something I truly want and pertains to my favorite hobby.  :)

For those of you new to swapping, here are our basic swap rules:


And here is a link to last year's swap to see what we did then: 


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