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News report: We have just received a small shipment of LD #1s in a darker flesh tone as well as the usual shipment of #1s. Some of the artists have had the dolls shipped to them already. Some came to the studio last weekend to collect their #1s. We had run out of #1s and were anxiously awaiting this shipment. Nelly Valentino flew in from Georgia to work on a project. We spent the week working on the costume design for the centerpiece doll to be presented at a MDCC meal event. Joyce Mathews was planning to come too but was unable due to a last minute attack of the flu. Lana Dobbs, Pat Green and Gwen Peard spent one full day play/working with us. We teamed up on some projects to be offered as workshops at the MDCC. We made eyeglasses, decorated head bands and tried out Nellies new hat forms. We had more fun than humans should be allowed to have. Here’s Nelly, Lana, Gwen’s back and Pat.

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  • Can't wait for the workshops at MDCC!  So sorry Joyce is not feeling well.

  • I wonder if that's what's caused the delay in my order from Dianna? From the last update I'm sure my order should have come up by now but if she had run out of number 1's that would explain it!
  • That looks like they had so much fun.  How nice to have such a great group to work with and share with.  :)

  • What fun!  Thanks for the little insight into what's happening in the LD world!

  • that's sew good to know...thank you for the heads up.looking forward to all the new things..hugs..Carla

  • It's great to have the update and good to see them laugh and have fun!  I bet that day was a great release for all of the pressure they have been and are under! Get well soon, Lana!

  • How wonderful!  Sounds like it was play/work/party!!  ;-) Looking forward to seeing some of those little darker-skinned beauties!

  • Looking forward to seeing the darker skin tone dolls. Glad you had a fun get together.

  • I've seen a few darker skinned on Facebook and they are adorable! Looks like a fun day, hope Joyce feels better!
  • Can't wait to see glasses and new hats!  So happy new dollies have arrived.

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