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Poll from Dianna about arms on our dolls


Please check out this poll.  The artists would like our input as collectors on the arms on the Little Darlings.  For those of you belonging to Facebook groups about the dolls, can you please share the link there, too?  And for those of you that are internationally located, can you share the link on your international doll groups?

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  • That's a very good question!! I wish we could choose the arms just like we can choose the head's mold, that could be great.

    I've shared the link on the french forum Dolll's.

    • I think they have to order the dolls in very large "batches," so it makes it hard to offer a choice.  In order to offer a choice of both arm types for each head mold, they would have to order two batches of dolls for each head mold.

  • Good point Elizabeth.  Perhaps this questionnaire came up because they're getting ready to place a new order and they have to decide which arms to get..

  • I for one would be delighted if Dianna went back to the old style arms. I think having the one straight arm looks so much more natural and elegant. Both arms bent looks OK when the Little Darling is holding something but otherwise it can look a bit awkward.
  • I like the straight arms more because when I take pictures to sell an outfit, I have to pull the bent arms behind their back in order to show the entire outfit. If I just stand the bent arms out to the side, it looks like they are in a "huff" like a strong-willed child.
    • That's exactly what they look like!

  • Our newest dolls have one of each ,which i really like. The best of both!!

    • I like that idea Geri but now that means I'll need to order more dolls! Oh well, I need to do my part to keep you painting.
    • Geri, do you mean the dolls you are painting now will have one of each? If so, that is fantastic news! I presume it's the same for Dianna?
  • Just wanted to ask - did the very early ones have two straight arms? I know there is a picture in the survey but as I've already answered it, it won't let me go back!
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