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Spring Fling Photo Contest!

Hi everyone, we need a springtime activity, so Laura and I propose a Spring Fling Photo Contest!  Interpret the theme however you choose.  Show us how your Little Darlings celebrate springtime!  Each entry should feature at least one Little Darling.  You may submit a maximum of 2 entries per person, with a maximum of 2 photos per entry, by April 25th at midnight EST.  Winners will be chosen by popular vote and voting will occur the week after the contest closes.  I will provide a prize (TBA).  Entries should be emailed to me at elizabeth.r.wood@gmail.com by the closing date of the contest.  If anyone else wishes to donate something as a prize, please email me, as well.  Questions?  Ask them below!  :)


Archana has offered a decorated straw hat.  Here's the photo.  It's just breath-taking!

Elizabeth (me) will donate an outfit and matching shoes (shoes from a kit by Sissy):

Diana Sexton has donated this outfit:

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  • Oh, this sounds like fun!!  I may even actually be able to participate, as last year I made  Easter dresses for my girls, but finished them after Easter, so they haven't been "debuted" yet.  Hmmmm......

    • Sounds like fun, Charlotte!  I just realized today that my Willa is still wearing the fantastically beautiful dress that I received from Archana in a swap last year.  It is so pretty I haven't taken it off all year!  So she's all set for spring and Easter again!  :)

    • Haha.....It's a good thing our "children" are so well-behaved, and never get their clothes dirty, Elizabeth!! 

  • oh how fun!  thank you.

  • This is the perfect motivation to finish up some hand work on spring dresses!   My girls are tired of winter clothes  :)

  • Pauline, I saved your entries.  I'll put them up when the contest opens.  :)  I'm trying to keep them anonymous till the contest is over.  Thanks for sending your entry!

    • Elizabeth,Thank you. I have trouble finding the right place to put the photos. Pauline

    • That's ok, Pauline.  If you have any more, you can email them to me at the address up above.  :)

  • About a week left.  Sorry I haven't posted my photo of the prize outfit yet from me.  It's done but I've been rather distracted lately!  I will hopefully get it done this week.

  • Thanks for the reminder, Elizabeth!!  My girls are all complaining that I've been ignoring them lately!! LOL  Guess I'd better get them back into their Easter outfits and get those pictures taken!!

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