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  • Thanks for posting these, Elizabeth, and thank you to those who followed through with these neat pictures!!!  It's always fun to see what everybody gets! I've been both a giver and a receiver.  As a giver, it's heartwarming to see how my partner liked what I sent.  As the receiver, it was fun to show everyone what I received.  I've never had to post the photo I took before I mailed my gifts. thank goodness, but I'm glad the option was there in case no one got to see what I sent.  This year's photos really do show beautiful and generous gifts!  Oh. and thank you, Elizabeth for all of the work you did to organize this swap - especially at this hectic time of year!!  I really appreciate it!

  • Right on, Laura!

  • That was a fun interlude, to share the swaps...and the delight of the girls! Thank you! :)

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