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The first version of this post did not allow anyone to comment for some reason, so I'm trying again and hopefully it'll behave better this time!  Please also note the deadline change per request.

LITTLE DARLINGS PLANT A GARDEN Can you believe it? Spring is only a few weeks away. What does that mean for our Little Darlings? Planning and plotting and PLANTING their garden! The girls will have to get their gardening clothes on and "get down and dirty" with Earth's soil by May 5. To help them with their task, our group is going to have a contest with the theme of "Little Darlings Plant a Garden." There are a few requirements such as having at least one prop in your entry's photo, writing a story about it in less than 50 words, and sending in no more than 2 photos per entry. There is a maximum of 2 entries per person. Elizabeth and I will be the judges. We will use the scoring rubric (or chart) to judge the total number of points each entry receives. Here is how the entries will be judged:

Points per criteria = 1 (poor) 2 3 4 5 (best)

The underlined words indicate how each criteria will be judged. Some criteria have two separate underlines. They will receive two scores.
Maximum points: 50 (10 underlines x maximum score of 5 points each)

1. The entry demonstrates the theme.

2. Background looks realistic and not too busy or distracting.

3. Outfit is appropriate for the activity.

4. There is at least one (required) prop.

5. Props are appropriate and used correctly.

6. A Little Darling is the main figure in the display.

7. Words used in the story did not exceed the limit of 50 words.

8. Photograph(s) are well-lit and in focus (limit of two photographs per entry; photos should be resized to no more than 1000 pixels wide).

You need to send your photo or photos to Elizabeth Wood through this group by May5. She will collect them and then share them with me.
We will judge them separately, then Elizabeth and I will compare our notes and numbers to find the entry with the highest number of points. As of now, we have one prize, donated by Elizabeth. Any donations of prizes will be greatly appreciated! If you plan on donating a prize, please let me know at laurasey@wavecable.com or through the group. If you have any questions or concerns, please also send those to me. The main thing is to HAVE FUN with this!!!!!!! and WELCOME SPRING!!!! (none too soon if you ask me!).
Moderator with Elizabeth

Here's a photo of the prize outfit. It's a pair of overalls (my design) and t-shirt from a pattern by Becky Colvin. I will also include some sneakers or boots and possibly a few more pieces to go with it provided I have time to make more. I will re-photograph as we go along and I add things to it. Chloe Grace is modeling and not included, sorry. :) Hope you all can come up with a cute gardening scene! (Elizabeth)

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  • This sounds like so much fun, and I'm sure my girls will want to participate!  However, I am sick Again (bronchitis had me down most of Jan., then a sinus infection in Feb., and now a cold), plus my husband is dealing with a blood clot in his leg, so I will have to pass this time.  Just too many other things on my plate, I'm afraid.  <sigh>  However, I'll look forward to seeing everyone else's pictures!

  • May 5.

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    • Yep, photos to me by May 5.  :)

  • and I hope to donate prize also.. will send you pic if I ever get good westher enough to  display my dolls having fun...

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