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Well, it's official:  " Showing 1 to 50 of 700 Active Members"

Congratulations to Dianna for starting this group and YAY to us for forming this group, all 700 of us!!  I don't know about you, but I think this is impressive!  It's especially great because of how we get along with one another and share what we know - a bit of new, a question, a technique, etc.  Keep up the good work!!!!  Celebrate!!!!

laura and Elizabeth


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  • There are other sites centering on the Darlings, but this is where I turn first for information, inspiration, and fun! Juanita Z
  • Juanita, there are also a Yahoo group called Our Little Darlings that is also active, and a Facebook page, Little Darling Doll Collectors.

  • I am very happy to be part of the group! I love all those lovely pictures and soon will also be mum to one little darling!
  • It's so much fun.  I tune in to see the latest pics an ideas.  Thanks.

  • Wow, that's A LOT of us, LOL! I really enjoy checking in here. I confess to being mostly just a lurker this past year, due to "real life" that has affected my dolly play time. But I hope I can share more again in the future. I think the Little Darlings are the most beautiful dolls I have ever seen, the painting that the artists do, to bring them to life, is amazing! ; )

  • Congrats Laura and Elizabeth! Lovely group... :)

  • Thank you all so much, but without all of you, it would be just two strangers with similar interests!  Let's hope the future holds a lot of fun and surprises for us all!

  • We have been involved with lovely doll pgeople from all over the world much to my pleasure. I have slowed down totothis last year and remembering the fantastic friend I made because of a LD is a lovely memory.
  • Love seeing everyone''s dolls.

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