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  • I would like to thank Elizabeth for including my tutorial in the article.
    I have done this tutorial because I admire your all fantastic outfits, beautiful dresses which you have sewn! I'm sure your hats will be stunning. I would love to see them. Enjoy the felting! it is easy!

  • What fun to try!  Thanks so much!

  • I'm hoping that lots of people will try the hats and then share the photos!  :)

  • Maria - what an exceptionally well done tutorial - you are so generous to share this with the group!  This is a technique I didn't know much about, your pictures and text make it very understandable.  I have admired your trademark delicate crocheted LD shoes since your first pair, you have been blessed with many talents!

  • Maria, Thank you for the great tutorial! It will be so much fun to try this!

  • Thank you very much! I tried to make it the most clearly. This technique is not difficult, but to get a good result, you need some practice, as with all techniques. Combining colorful fibers gives unlimited possibilities and this is the best in the felting. Felting gave me a lot of joy, so I wish you the same!
    I seen here lot of beautiful outfits, dress, accessories, made by very talented ladies, so, I would love to share of that with you. I'm sure, your hats will be unique, lovely and one of a kind.
    Enjoy your work with wool :-)

  • Maria, I have two questions - firstly, what approximate weight of dry wool will you need for one hat? Secondly, can you suggest a cheap doll with the same head circumference as the Little Darling? Thank you so much for this - I can't wait to give it a go!
  • Good question. I think 0.25 oz's (7 grams) should be enough. However, if you can, take more - to try (in a few colors). I use old plastic doll made in China, I found her on flea market. I'm glad you want to try Debbie! :-)

    • Thank you so much!
  • Thank you Maria K for the tutorial. Pauline

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