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A note from Dianna about her wait list

Hopefully this information will help dispel any anxiety:

A note from Dianna about the wait list:

"I recently finished my last special order from 2014 and a few special orders I took in 2015.  I sent a notice to a few folks who had been waiting to order since November 2013 when I started  the wait list.   There were only a few so I have finished with that.  Now I am taking time to paint fresh samples of the dolls that I will be offering on the order page.  There are about 18 dolls.  Some are new character.   Some are classic characters but painted in my current style which has evolved somewhat since the original samples were painted. When I am finished with those, I will get my son, Ivan, to help me create an order page.  I haven’t decided in what order I will inform people about the page.  I want to give the group some priority but I also feel like I should consider the folks who have been on the list for 2 years.  I am afraid of getting in over my head again. There are hundreds of Emails on the wait list.  There only about 50 names on the new list from the group.  They might be hearing from me in the near future when the order page is ready to view." 
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Gloria would like to have the list so she can start mailing kits to people.  Will the following people please email me to confirm their participation? 

Lorna Nutting

J Norvell

Shara Smith

Jeannie B.


Kathy Welsh

Janet Karst

Yolanda Valle

If I don't hear from you by Thursday night, I will have to assume you have chosen to decline participating this time.  I will be unavailable on Friday and Gloria wants this by Saturday, so, again, Thursday is the last day to tell me:

-that your name and address are correct

-whether or not you need a kit

-whether or not you need floss

Gloria has worked very hard on this project and I do not want to delay her or anyone who has followed directions and are waiting.  I really appreciate your quick response!



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Sew Along Participants - Please read right now

 If you are on my official Sew Along list, but have not joined that group in the Groups area of the site, please join there, by clicking on the Join button.   

ALSO: If you haven't confirmed your participation with me by emailing me at  laurasey@wavecable.com    , please do that now.  I need to know that I have your correct information plus we need to know asap if you need a kit and if you need floss.  The sooner I have confirmation from everyone, the sooner I can give the list to Gloria and the sooner we can begin.



Moderator with Elizabeth

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Announcement from Dianna about her list

Hello Members:
Dianna asked me to make an announcement that she is re-opening her order list soon.  She has a wait list of several hundred people who are waiting to be added to her order list.  If you would like to go on that wait list, please email her directly at dianna@diannaeffner.com.  For your information, as well, the deposit required on Dianna's dolls is $125 and the full price of the doll is $425.  Dianna will also be using a new private order page on her website and when she is ready to take your order, you will be emailed the link to that site to submit your order.
This is great news for all of her fans!
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Additions to Final List

The following two people were on another list and by my mistake were left off the list below.  Please email me directly at  laurasey@wavecable.com  to confirm that your name is spelled correctly, that I have your email address, and if you need a kit (if you have a pleater and don't need it, Gloria needs to know).  I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.



Theresa Singleton

Joann Noble

Please email me at the address above asap.  Thanks!

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YAY!  We've reached 30 members who would like to be part of the Sew Along for smocking.  The sign up window is now closed.  If there is anyone I missed, I'm sorry.  They will be placed on a Wait List as a substitute for anyone who can't participate like they thought they could.  Here is the list of participants:

Sew Along with Gloria Rowlands    January, 2016

•Elizabeth Wood   
•laura seymour   
•Susie Baker       
•Debbie Fleming   
•Sissy Lingle      
•Tomi Jane       
•Pauline Nissen   
•Charlotte Trayer   
•Michele R.       
•Lorna Nutting  

•Kelli Mercer        
•Norvell J       
•Stephanie R.   
•Dotti G.          
•Jean Davies       
•Shara Smith       
•Inge Simms      
•Suzy Adams  
•Joelle Leccia   
•Jeannie B.       

•Karen C.       
•Judy LaManna   
•Kathie Welsh   
•K Larson       
•Janet Karst       
•Lynda Patten   
•Yolanda Valle   
•Janey Theobald   
•Kathryn Ison       

You need to confirm with me that you are (1,) correctly on the list and (2.) spelling is correct by emailing me at  laurasey@wavecable.com  as soon as you can, but no later than Sunday, January 31.  Some of you have indicated that you do not need a kit (because you have a pleater at home).  Gloria thinks that the following people do not need a kit: Tomi, Susie, Lynda, Charlotte. (3.) IF YOU DO NOT NEED A KIT, YOU NEED TO LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU SEND ME THE FINAL CONFIRMATION OF YOUR PARTICIPATION.  We don't want Gloria to make any more kits than she needs to!

By the end of this experience, we will have a new dress for our Little Darlings.

You've all been so nice and so excited when signing up.  I would just like to thank you for your consideration and pleasant emails!!  I really appreciate it!

NEXT STEP:  Gloria will send you an invoice if you are receiving a kit ($3.75 for shipping - only).  Once we've all received our kits, we'll be ready to go - make that SEW.


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Big News About Sew Along

WOW!  This Sew Along has taken off like a rocket!  My list, which includes people who said they would like to participate before the official sign up was developed, has 29 people on it (I need some email addresses - more about that in a minute).  Gloria and I discussed this and she would like to cap the number of participants to 30.  There is 1 spot left if everyone on my list confirms they wanted to participate.  I even have a brand new member who joined today!!!!!  Please remember that Gloria is going to make up all the kits herself(which will end up to be a dress)and they involve a bit of work.  It will probably take all of next week for her to do that.  So, if you wanted to join in and have been putting off getting in touch with me, don't!  Email me at   laurasey@wavecable.com  to find out if you got that last spot!  I will post the final list as soon as it closes.  You will need to send me a final confirmation before I give the list to Gloria.  No email addresses will be posted on that list.

PLEASE NOTE:  I need email addresses from the following people:

Susie Baker
Debbie Fleming
Sissy Lingle
Lorna Nutting

Please just send me a quick note with it so I can keep you on the list.  If you sent it already or think I should have it, I apologize.  It's been crazy!

Thanks to all who have joined this wonderful activity!!!


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Here are the people I have on the Secret Cupid List.  Please check this over to make sure that I didn't add someone who doesn't want to be on it or that I didn't leave you out.  If the deadline slipped your mind and you want to join in the fun, please let me know TODAY, Monday, January 25.  Thanks!

Elizabeth Wood

laura seymour

Gloria Rowlands

Sandy Moore

Pauline Nissen

Joelle Leccia

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Problem with my internet

I’m having some intermittent internet problems, so if you don’t hear from me right away, you’ll know why. :>(    I've received a lot of names signing up for the Sew Along and will confirm when I can.  Also, TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY FOR THE SECRET CUPID SWAP.  If you are hesitant because we encouraged a lot of little things and you can't find them or shop for them, don't worry.  As long as you keep to the $20 limit - do count the cost of the fabric you have on hand, for example, and credit your time as part of the cost.  Thanks!  I'll personally be in touch when I can.


Moderator with Elizabeth

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The Wait is OVER!

Time to sign up for the Sew Along with Gloria Rowlands.  She is going to teach us to do smocking at a beginner's level and a more experienced level.  For more information on this wonderful experience, please see the Featured Group  - the Smocking Sew Along group Last day to sign up is Friday, January 29, 2016.  Please email me at laurasey@wavecable.com or send me a message through the group to sign up or to ask any questions.  I will need your email address to give to Gloria.  Even if you don't sew much (like me), you will be able to learn with all of Gloria's instructions and photos.  Sign up now!!


Moderator with Elizabeth

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Secret Cupid P.S. Please read

For those of you thinking about joining the Secret Cupid Swap, PLEASE go to READ MORE at the end of the summary on the original post below.  This will give you all the information for joining the swap  Please read it all, just in case something is not clear.  At the bottom, there is a section for you to fill out, copy, and email to me.  Also, the important dates have been listed a few times so you can cut one out and post it on your calendar for your convenience.  Lastly, Elizabeth mentioned that this would be a great time to include your homemade Valentine's Day card, if you signed up for that. 



Moderator with Elizabeth

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January 23, 2016 is the last day to sign up. No exceptions. Suggestions for what to send (from your secret partner) will be provided. If you are sending the special card, too, you can include this in your package. February 5, 2016 is the day you will receive the mailing information. February 8 - 10, 2016 is the mailing day window. No exceptions. Please take a photo of the things you are sending in case your partner can’t post one.
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Happy New Year!

Good morning to all and Happy New Year!

What sorts of activities do you want to see in the new year here?  Swaps are always a big hit, as are challenges.  Any ideas for those?  We typically will have a spring swap.  Any other fun activities that you would like to see happen here?

Who is expecting a new doll in the new year?  I am (#3, redhead with dark brown eyes from Nelly)!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season and I am looking forward to our year of fun in 2016!

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Want to see some eye candy??

If you haven't had a chance to check out our Holiday Tea Swap photographs, please do!  Here are the posts where we are talking about what we gave and received:


And here's the photo album!


Even if you are not a swap participant, you should be able to view and comment and post on our group!  As always, the swaps are so much fun!

As the swaps come in to their partners (the deadline for mailing is today) you will see more photos and discussions, so please keep checking back!  So far three have arrived!

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Will be out for a bit...hopefully for real this time

OK, they rescheduled my surgery for next Tuesday and I am likely going to be unavailable from Tuesday morning till Thursday or later.  In my absence, of course our other moderator, Laura, will be more than capable to handle any worries that you might have.  :)  I'll check in as soon as I can!  Just wanted to let you all know so you know why I disappear briefly!

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Secret Santa December, 2015

SECRET SANTA  for December, 16, 2015

Just when you thought that there weren't enough Christmas activities for all, I am organizing a little Secret Santa Christmas swap.  Here is some information about it:

1.  Swapping is a commitment.  It's best not to sign up if you are too busy at this time. It may not seem like it, but it does take a lot of work to match people up and keep on top of those who are or aren't following the dates and guidelines, especially if they have some kind of special request.  PLUS, we don't want anyone's partner to be disappointed!

SIGNING UP:  Once you have sent an email to laurasey@wavecable.com  stating your name, address, preferences (see below), I will send you a confirmation email.  On November 2 or 3, I will send you the Christmas List that your partner provided to give you ideas of what to send.  Please save this email until we have confirmed the final list of participants - you will be reconfirmed by email with your name only on the email.

November 2, 2015 is the last day to sign up.  No exceptions.  Christmas Wish List info from your secret partner will be provided.

December 1, 2015 is the day you will receive the mailing information.

December 7-9, 2015 is the mailing day window.  No exceptions.

2.   The monetary limit is $25, please adhere to it.

3.  What to swap?  Some stocking stuffer types of things that your partner said her  LDs would love to receive.

4.  Do I have to make it?  No!  You can if you wish, but this is a time when shopping for treasures comes in handy.  You can do a little of both,too!

5.  Should I send extras?  Not if it goes over the $25 limit. 

6.  Should I post photos of what I receive?   You can send your photo to me (laura) and I will post them together.   Be sure to take a photo of your items before you send them in case your swap partner does not have the capability of taking photos.

7.  May I communicate with my swap partner to find out his/her preferences?  No.  This is a Secret swap.  I will reveal who your partner is on December 1.

      * Can't I just wait until I know who it is and then shop?  You could if you don't wish to follow the spirit of a Secret Santa swap.  There's also the likelihood that you won't find cool items in time.  You will have information about what you should be looking for your partner's LDs.

8.  Do I have to be ready by the deadline. ABSOLUTELY YES. If you think it may not be possible, then, please do not sign up.

9.  Plan ahead to have your swap ready on time.  Start looking for little (inexpensive) items as soon as you sign up.  If you have a personal emergency, be sure to contact your swap leader (laura) as soon as possible.

10.  Always let your swap partner know that their gift has arrived safely!  Have fun!


Please fill in and copy the following to be pasted in the email you send to me (laurasey@wavecable.com) in order to sign up.

Name:                                                                     Email:

Mailing Address:

What would your Little Darlings want in their Christmas stocking?


Please remember to sign up by sending this information to laurasey@wavecable.com by November 2, 2015.  Thanks!


Moderator with Elizabeth

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If you have a Mac, beware of this clean up offer

This information  came from members of a button group that I belong to:

If you have a Mac as I have, beware an offer to "clean up" "junk" files on your computer.  While this isn't a totally dangerous piece of software, it IS a scam.  I nearly fell for it, but backed out halfway through because something wasn't right.  

I contacted my guru son who said not to download this software under any circumstance.  It took me the better part of an hour to clean up the computer from the software that was supposed to clean up the computer.

A reply was: "Do not download Mackeeper.  It will dog your machine. "

I'm apprehensive about anything that wants to clean up my files.  I just think they want to clean them up into their files and have access to my information.  I don't know if that's truly the case here, but it was important enough to prompt the moderator to send out the warning.  This is just a reminder to stay alert when receiving emails.  They are getting too good at faking them and now we have deals like this!

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