2019 Holiday Swap - Are You Interested?

Hello all, my thanks are extended to Dorothy for putting together ideas and materials for this year's Holiday Swap!  Here is the announcement:


Dear Friends,
We are almost ready to begin our holiday swap. Right now we want to determine how many people might be interested.
We will have two swap categories as before, one for $35 and the other for over $35.

This year’s theme is Star Shine.
When you hear the word “star” what does it mean to you? A nursery rhyme, astronomy, Bethlehem, freedom? Whatever your connotation of the word “star,” you can make or purchase star-related gifts for your Swap Mate’s Little Darling.

There are two parts to the Swap: the gift part and the story part.
Part 1 – Gifts
Following the guidelines of your selected category, you will choose gifts for one Little Darling and your Swap Mate.
Part 2 - Story
You can create a brief story to accompany your gifts. For example, you could write about the Little Darling going to Pasadena, California to the Hubble Space Station to look through the optical telescope at the stars.

If you think you might participate, please reply to this post with Count Me In.

We will share the Swap details and time line later. Swaps are always fun activities for our members. We hope you will join in on this one!

E-mail me when people leave their comments –


  • It sounds like fun!  Will have to put my thinking cap on for a bit......Hmmm......

  • Count me in.  This sounds like fun.  I'd been wondering if we would do something this year.

  • Anyone else interested?  I will post the signup info this weekend and see what kind of interest we get.  

    • Count me in.

      Starr :)


  • Hello,

    Count me in :0)

  • Count me in. Now grinding on theme of "Star Shine".

    Theme is so open ended and perfect for season of lights.



  • Count me in too, if you do not mind that I live in  Brittany France.

    • No problem to live in France!  :)

    • Dear Sophie, oh my goodness, I would love to live in France.  When I was growing up, I had a penpal in France.  I still have some of her letters!

      J'aime le beau pays de la France!  I love the beautiful country of France!


    • Me too would love to live in France.  ?  Do you every go to Ldoll in Lyon. The show is on my wish list for 2020 if anyone in US is interested too contact me. 

This reply was deleted.

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