2019 Holiday Swap - Signup Open



Dear Friends, we have chosen the 2019 Swap theme. It is Star ShineLittle Darlings will twinkle like the stars in the sky when they receive their wonderful Swap gifts.

When you hear the word “star” what does it mean to you? A nursery rhyme, astronomy, Bethlehem, freedom?

Whatever your connotation of the word “star,” you can make or purchase star-related gifts for your Swap Mate’s Little Darling.


The two signup groups are open now.  There is one group that has a dollar limit on the swap ($35) and another with no dollar limit.  If you are interested in joining in the swapping fun, you have to do two things:

1.  Go to the group you wish to join (limited or unlimited) and click the little "Join" button in the lower right.

2.  Email that group's coordinator (Elizabeth or Dorothy) with the requested information. See instructions within the group guidelines.

You will be assigned a partner as soon as possible.

Here are the links to the groups:

LIMITED GROUP:  https://ourlittledarlings.ning.com/groups/star-shine-2019-holiday-swap-limited-group

UNLIMITED GROUP:  https://ourlittledarlings.ning.com/groups/star-shine-2019-holiday-swap-unlimited-group

If you have questions, or if we forgot something, please post below!

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  • Sounds like fun!  Last year I did the "limited" swap, and I rather enjoyed it; I have quite a busy life (for being retired! LOL), and being in the "limited" swap felt like less pressure, somehow.  I've done the "unlimited" swaps in the past, and kept second-guessing myself, as to the amount of items, etc., and whether I had "enough".  (Now I know that for many of you, the unlimited swap doesn't cause this kind of "issue", but it kind of did for me as I had several other things going on at the same time.)

    So, I am still debating.  I have one idea that would work better with the "unlimited" swap, but we will see.  I'll be sure to sign up in the next day or two, to one or the other!  Just thought I'd put in my 2¢ worth, in case you're not sure if you want to participate or not. If you are a busy person, not sure if you have time to shop for a lot of accessories, etc., the "limited" swap might work better for you, and you'd still have the fun of participating!

    • Charlotte you will be a fun Swap Mate whichever group you are in!  I am so glad you will be signing up again.


  • I didn't find a "join" button on my iPad, so I pressed "follow".  I do want to be a part of this nice group.

  • I added the join button back temporarily.  :)

  • Dear Swap Participants, have the holiday elves made their way to your houses yet?  If not, I hope they come soon.

    I wanted to remind you, as we noted in the rules, that we are asking folks to hold off on posting photos until the week of December 23.  We want to give enough time for all participants to receive their boxes.  That doesn't mean that you can't open your boxes and let your Little Darlings see the beautiful gits.

    I am excited to see what everyone has received.  Swaps are so much fun!

  • well sew far i haven't met a swap i didn't like.. lol



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