A letter from Dianna

I wrote to Dianna to ask her about the Keepsake Playmate.  I was totally wrong about it being vinyl.  Her letter provides an update on what she's been doing and about the Keepsake Playmates.

Hi Laura,

Would you believe we haven’t even seen the article yet?  I let my subscription laps.  I have had an extremely busy time since Christmas.  It’s been one project after the other.  After I worked on the article we had various projects to do relating the the next MDCC including  costuming the prototype for the souvenir doll and the centerpiece doll.  I decided to design the souvenir costume myself even though I am not very fast at designing costumes. I just love it! I am also working on a souvenir for a regional UFDC convention souvenir.  Meanwhile continuing to work on Little Darling orders.  A group of the artists were here the first week in March to work on our proposed workshop projects.   After they left it took me until now to finish the projects and clean up the mess that we made. I submitted the photos and the proposals to the MCDD board of directors last week.  We did have a lot of fun and I think we came up with some really fun ideas for the workshops. We all just love to have an excuse to craft something for our dolls.  I hope MDCC accepts our proposals.  Nelly and Maritza are continuing to work on the costume design for the centerpiece dolls.  

When I submitted the info for the Dolls article back in February, my plan was to create a page on Expressions web site so folks could order the kits and other supplies.  This is an idea I had a long time ago but it has been on the back burner.  The ad in the magazine gave me the incentive to do something with it.  Regretfully my time has been eaten up with these other deadlines so I didn’t get to it. The Keepsake Playmate page is the next major project on my list.  To answer your question I’m sorry to say that at the moment I don’t know where you can buy a finished Keepsake Playmate.  Our mold company, Expressions is selling the porcelain parts to make the doll.  We will soon be offering the bisque kits and all the other supplies. I have a forum on the DollCrafters ning group with a long video tutorial on how to paint the Keepsake Playmate with acrylic paints. My hope is that this will awaken some new interest in porcelain doll making since a doll crafter could make a doll without a kiln.  

Did you see the video on how to make the pose-able body on the Expressions site?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iFAEaerEMA I hope some doll makers will recognize this opportunity and make some of these 18 inch dolls.  They are so much fun because there are so many things available for that size doll.  It would be a wonderful project to do with a daughter or granddaughter.  There is bound to be a market for them too, among collectors.  I challenge anyone to do this.  I have made all the instructions available for anyone who is ambitious enough to try it.  And I think if there were a demand for the bisque-kits there are folks who have the molds and could make the parts. FYI there are quite a few different head molds available for different heads that would fit this body.  

I did renew my Dolls subscription and called the magazine to request a few extra copies.  

Now I am  going to work on the Keepsake Playmate order page.

Thanks for all your help.  

Warm regards,


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  • Thanks, Dianna, for taking time to answer our questions!!  Looking forward to seeing that new page on your web site!

  • Thank you so much, Dianna, for taking time to write us a long letter. <3 ! Regards,

  • Thank You Dianna for answering our questions. Many years ago I made a porcelian doll using the Jenny mold my friend had a kiln. Shortly after this my friend gave up doll making because of health issues. I enjoyed the experence and would like to try the Keepsake playmates.

  • I am looking forward to when the kits are up.  I have a few porcelains and enjoy them. :)

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