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Dianna had an idea with the other artists to perhaps hold a workshop collector event just for the Little Darlings at some point.  The general thought would be that they would teach and share creative projects to make clothes and accessories for our Little Darlings.  Dianna wanted to spark some discussion on this topic.  What do you all think?  Would you like to share any ideas?  Would you consider going if there was a collector event?   I would do my own very best to go.  It sounds very exciting to me, personally!


Some ideas that I have for workshops I'd like to see:  shoe-making, clothing design, modifying a commercial wig to give it personal touches, toy-making, scale furniture making, and hat decoration.


If there was such an event, maybe there could be a table or tables where we could sell or trade our own things we have made for the Little Darlings.  Or maybe even a doll sale/trade area, too.

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  • Where would it be held?  In her studio?  I loved her t-shirt work shop and the shoe one.


  • Sounds like it could be a lot of fun, and I would make an effort to go, if possible.  It would partly depend on my husband; last time I was gone some distance (2000 miles) for any length of time (over a week), he didn't seem to do quite as well on his own as he had in the past.  Of coures, he Is 86 (13 years older than I) and at that time he was having a great deal of problems with back pain.

    So, yes, I'd love to go, if it will work out well at this end, and I'm not gone overly long.

  • I would love to go!  Depends on where and when.

  • Sounds wonderful!   Of course it would depend on my costs to get there.

  • I think it would be wonderful.  Like everyone else for me it would depend on where and when and cost.  


  • Oh I would go for sure. This sounds just like something I would truly enjoy and I could contribute some tricks I like use when sewing, etc.   

  • I would love to go if I am able and learn anything and everything about these lovely dolls. It would depend on where it is held and what the cost would be but I would definitely be interested in getting together for this. Would love to see someone teach some smocking since I don't remember much about how to do it.

    Sandra C.

    • I would like to learn how to smock also. I seem to be all thumbs when making or sewing but I still love to learn the techniques. 

      I think I would make the effort to go. 

    • Rebekah, check out the web site of SAGA (Smocking Arts Guild of America), at . You can find a chapter near you (including possibly some members who teach smocking classes), find tutorials on techniques, etc. 

      Smocking is a lot of fun, and not difficult; it is basically embroidery on pleats.  If you have ever done embroidery, you will probably find smocking to be no more difficult than that--just a little different!

      Smocking Arts Guild of America - The Association of Fine Needle Artists
      The Smocking Arts Guild of America (SAGA) invites you to become a part of our informative and educational international organization. Sewing enthusia…
    • We had a smocking sew along here on the group a few years ago.  Gloria Rowlands created kits for us which included the dress pieces already pleated and the instructions of course.  If you go to 'Groups' on the menu at the top and they select the 'Smocking Sew Along' you can read the discussion and see some photos.  I realized when I looked for it that I never posted a photo of my finished dress.  I will have to find one and post it. It was a lot of fun, but I haven't smocked since then. :-(




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