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My apologies if anyone specifically sends me a message or email and I don't answer right away.  I'm running by the seat of my pants to try to keep up at work with this pandemic issue.  I own a veterinary clinic and we have a lot of contact with the public, and one cannot just shut down a veterinary clinic and leave one's patients high and dry...so we are coping as best we can.  My practice is changing daily with what we are doing to try to keep from exposing ourselves or our many older clients.  It's wild and stressful, so if you message me please bear with me till I can get back to you, and everyone, please be well.  Stay home and play dollies and I will too, when I have time!




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  • Elizabeth, we wish you well. We are only at the beginning of this crisiis. You are doing exactly the right thing.  My husband owns a small business. We wonder if this will be the end of his studio.  But we can turn to all we have and really enjoy every blessing. Thanks for all you are doing.

  • No worries at all, Elizabeth. Just take care of your patients (and their moms and dads) and stay safe and healthy!!

  • Blessings Charlotte, just take care of the furry babies and especially take care of yourself. I haven't been on much lately as my internet connection is not working very well. I do hope this virus thing ends and sooner than later but here in Missouri we aren't doing too bad and no one protesting yet. I don't understand the people complaining about having to spend time with their family and children, as when my girls were young, I was always happy to see summer time as they were home with me and I knew they were safe. Well, back then there weren't any shootings or anything but I loved my little girls and loved being with them every day. 

    Just know I am thinking of you and Praying for your safety and so admire your courage in taking care of the sweet animals. I have two Poodles, a Standard Chocolate one named CoCo who will be 8 yrs in June, and a Toy Apricot one named MiMi who is 14 yrs old. I am allergic to everything but poodles so I have always had one since I got my first one back in 1972. I have loved them all but am getting so old now that these two will be our last ones as it is so hard to lose them. Loads of Love and Prayers coming your way.

    Sandra C. in MO

  • No worries Elizabeth, The important thing to do is stay safe. I'm an RN in MA and we've been having a rough time here the last month. Lots of illness, misery and death. The tough part is the poor Pts aren't able to have visitors. The hospital has been encouraging face timing to keep them in touch but it's not much good when the pt's are unconscious and on a vent. My coworkers are getting sick. We had a big lack in PPE in the beginning. Super scarey, worry about bringing this home to my husband. You are probably feeling like I am by now mentally and physically drained. I hope you and everyone in your family and the club stay healthy and safe. God bless us all!

    • Oh my goodness....I'm sorry.  :(  You have it worse than me.  We are all stressed and tired and trying to keep up and feel like our world is upside down but we are not dealing with direct contact on a daily basis with positive cases (at least not with sick people as far as we know).  We live in masks all day, as I'm sure you do, but so far it is keeping us healthy.  Hopefully it continues to keep us healthy and I will be thinking of you and hoping for the health of you and your patients and your coworkers and everyones' families, too.  Big hugs.

  • I can only imagine what you and your co-workers are going thru just now.  I"m not a nurse, but was a ward clerk at a local hospital back in the early 1970s, and on a medical floor for the last three years I was there.  I remember one week we lost about 5 or 6 patients in that short time, and they all seemed to die on our evening shift!  I remember that as a stressful time, losing so many, in such a short time, even though they died of different causes, and how badly the nurses all felt.  It must be hundreds of times worse now!

    Fortunately, our group got along very well together, and even did things together when we weren't working!  We were also able to laugh together, which helped defuse some of that stress.  And, of course, they all came to my wedding in 1974!  I ams still in touch with several of my co-workers from that time.

    I pray often for those who are caring for patients during this time; I'm glad to know of someone who is There, and will add you to my list.

    (I have to add, when we lived in Upper Michigan in the 1950s, our dear neighbor was Mrs. Dorothy Nadeau; she lived across the street and was our "sitter" when mom and dad had to be at church of an evening (by then we were too old--ages 6 and 7--for a "baby" sitter!). Every time I see your last name, I wonder....)

    • Thank you Charlotte for adding me and my coworkers to your prayer list. Much appreciated and needed. You are right it's great to work with such dedicated caring people. No matter how bad the night gets we pull each other along and lift one another up! I am so fortunate to be in the middle of this because it just re-enforces what it means to be a team player. It's great when you develop friendships at work as you said. It makes you look forward to going in everyday!

      I don't know if Mrs. Dorothy is a relative or not, Maybe a shirt tail relation. Unfortunately my mother and father inlaw are gone or I could ask. I believe my husbands relative mostly lived in New Hampshire and Gardner Massachusetts. Take care of your self Charlotte, I'll remember you in my prayers as well. I think God must be super busy these days.

    • I forgot to tell you, Ann Marie, that there is a town called Nadeau in Upper Michigan, not far from where I grew up! It was named after our neighbor's father-in-law, as I recall.

  • You are so welcome, Ann Marie.  Yes, I was very fortunate in the coworkers I had up at General, too. It was a special place in those days!

    I suppose some family names are hard to trace after a few generations!  I just knid of wondered.  Our Mrs. Nadeau was a lovely lady, with the most beautiful snow white hair, and her favorite color was red!  She died shortly after we moved away from Stephenson--I remember she sent our family a box of pears or something for Christmas, after we moved (in Oct.), and then a month or two later we heard from her daughter.

    Thank you for your prayers, also. Yes, I think God is extra-busy, but He is a big God!

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