Conventions for this year - 2019

Hi ladies, Dorothy asked me to find out which conventions Dianna will be attending this year.  Here's what she said:


"We are planning to attend the UFDC convention in Nashville and the MDCC in San Antonio. I am also considering attending the NIADA in Kansas city. "


Who is going?  Should be fun!

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  • I am attending NIADA in Kansas City from July 17 to the 20. The setting for NIADA this year is the historic St. Phillip's Hotel, refurbished to its Prohibiton Era origins. Should be spectacular. Dianna has long been a NIADA member. Check out:  for more details.

    • Just the location itself sounds so intriguing!  I doubt I'll be going to any conventions, though; dh does better if I stick a little closer to home, although I Might go to my 55-year class reunion in Mich. in July....but just be gone a very few days.  Still to be determined.

  • Wish I could go, too!  I'm having to cover a ton of extra hours all summer for one of my doctors until our new vet starts.  Gonna be a crazy summer for me!  I hope you enjoy.

  • I’ll be attending the MDCC in San Antonio. It willl be my first doll convention. 

  • You will have a fabulous time at MDCC Carol!  It is a great convention - lots to see and do.  I am going to UFDC in Nashville this year, so I won't be doing MDCC.


  • I'll be attending MDCC in San Antonio. So exciting that Helen Skinner is having an event with handpainted little Darlings!  Also Dianna's events are always wonderful, each year more amazing than the last.  Also the convention event doll this year is the "Texas Star", by My Meadow.  Her sculpt was designed from a photo of my granddaughter, so that is really exciting for me!

  • It is looking like we will have some Little Darling "reporters" on the road this Summer!

    Dotti and Marge are going to UFDC in Nashville.

    Sissy and Carol are going to MDCC in San Antonio.

    Juanita is going to NIADA in Kansas.

    Reporters, please plan to give us some notes on and photos of the Little Darling events you attend and/or Little Darling friends you meet along the way.  Those of us not going want to travel vicariously with you.


    • Looking forward to everyone's reports!

  • Will do. I always appreciate hearing from others. And we all LOVE all photos!

  • I keep of these years.  But, sadly, not this year.  Have too much going on that needs to be settled before I can think of leaving for more than a few days.  So, I'll be counting on you ladies to be our eyes and ears, take lots of photos, and report all the news back to us.  Sissy, I've already ordered my Star via an absentee registration...she is so lovely I couldn't resist!

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