Hi All!  Dorothy has come up with a lovely drawing idea for our group to cheer us all up!  Here we go:



While the world is practicing Social Distancing, dolls do not have to.  We want to take this opportunity to showcase our sweet Little Darlings engaged in activities with other Dianna Effner created dolls (Bonekas, Marus, Ruby Red Fashion Friends) or having fun with their stuffed animals.


Two winners will be selected.  Each winning Little Darling will receive an outfit.

Here are the rules:


Between Monday, July 6 and Friday, July 17  

          1 Stage your Little Darling and her friend(s) having fun together


          2 Take a photo 


          3 Post the photo within the Discussion (do not start a new 



          4 Adjust the resolution of their photos to no larger than 1500 

                        pixels wide 


On Saturday, July 17, the names of members who have posted a photo will be put in a hat and Elizabeth's 7-year-old daughter will draw out a winner.  Two winners will be selected and prizes will be sent.



**Only one Little Darling photo may be submitted.

**You may only submit a photo of your own Little Darlings and not a

            photo you have seen online.

**Failure to adhere to the rules and guidelines above will disqualify your entry

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  • Well, this sounds like a lot of fun! Will have to put my thinking cap on, and see what I can come up with!

    Just one question: How do you "adjust the resolution...to no larger than 1500 pixels"?  I'm not very technologically astute, I'm afraid!


    • Usually, you can open your photo on your computer, go to "edit" and then "resize" and change it that way.  :)

    • Thank you!  Hope I can remember that when the time comes! LOL

  • Dorothy's idea is lovely - Will try to think something out.

    Haha Charlotte - I am with you, but I am sure we manage.....


  • I think this is so cute.  We'll have to get together to find a good spot for a picture.

  • That's beautiful! I have some ideas and  hope to realize one of them...

  • My entry for the "Dolls Don't Have To Distance" Drawing: 

    "Camping Out Inside".........When the grown-ups yell, "Pipe-down girls and go to sleep!", it sure is hard to stop giggling when you're having so much fun at 10 p.m.  :) ............Sarah Sweet Pea (left) and Brady Bluebell (right)









    • Cute!!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth.  :)

    • Dear Anita, it is a very lovely photo and I am always happy to see a photo of your little cuties. I can see the fun that they have! And honestly, I would also like to play with their beautiful toys. I can't show the photo to my girls....

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