Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!  Happy New Year to all.  What kinds of activities would we like to do in the New Year? In the past we have run some swaps for sewing supplies and fabrics, sew-alongs and knit-alongs, photo contests and of course, swaps!  I know Dorothy has some ideas for this year to come.  What ideas do you all have?  I have always wanted to have a toy swap to trade scale toys and games for the "kids."

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  • Swaps are Fun!   Missed out on the Christmas one this time but hope to join in the next time.   Toy swap or fabric & supplies swap both sound good to me.  Right now I can't think of other ideas.  

  • I like the idea of a toy swap, also.

    Perhaps someone could come up with a craft idea, making an accessory of some kind for our LDs, and do a "craft-along"? That might be fun.  Has anyone made an accessory for her LD that she would like to share in that way?

  • Sharing my emtions of late,   I need something to get me back in the creative mode.   I haven't touched my sewing machine since before Christmas.  The toy exchange sounds better every day.   Description of "toys" - would it be sports games as well?  My toy supply is pretty limited as I've found it difficult to find the right size toys for LD.   I do hope we can put together something as I need a "boost".


    • Diana, I would think you could make some kinds of toys, also!  One time I used cord and oblong beads to make a "jump rope" for a doll (I think it was part of a swap but don't recall for sure).  A hopscotch mat could be made, too, or a miniature Twister game. Once you start thinking about it, there are lots of things that could be made!

      For buying things, check the key ring selections--some toys are miniaturized for key rings (magic 8 ball, various board games, etc.)  I think it's just a matter of looking around in places you might not normally think of for "toys"!

    • Great thoughts and ideas.   Thanks so much.

  • Dear Charlotte, those are great ideas!  I have seen little items in the dollar stores that could work.  I know that Hobby Lobby had some miniature items around the holidays so they might have some others now.

    I think a toy swap would be fun.  I have not mentioned this to Charlotte Noelle, however.  Your namesake would be "stalking" the mailman waiting for a box to arrive (chuckle).

    • I'm sure she would, Dorothy!  My girls would be just as bad!!  Haha....

  • Another quick thought along the lines of making or finding toys:  dollhouse miniature toy tutorials might be able to be adapted to the scale of LDs.  There are lots of toy tutorials online for dollhouse items.  And there's also a few sites with printable minis that are free and could be scaled up.  :)

    • I love that idea, Elizabeth!  Never thought along those lines before, but you are absolutely right.  As long as the scale of the "ports" is correct, you will end up with the correctly-scaled toy.

      By the way--and I hope it's okay if I mention this--Denis Bastien will be starting a sald on Feb. 8 at leeann.ca (at the moment, things are "up" for the sale but they will show as "out of stock" until the actual start date, Feb. 8.), and one of the things he has on his sale page is a hopscotch mat that might work well for our LDs, also. If you search his other pages, there may be a couple of other toys that would work, too--I haven't looked thoroughly as yet.  (I also have three of his dolls...)

      If his hopscotch mat sells out quickly (remember, it'll show as "sold out" UNTiL the sale starts), it's something that could easily be replicated, I think.  You can add small stones from the yard for markers.

  • Where is a link to Denis' site? I can't remember it. Thank you.

    Sandra C.

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