Holiday Swap 2017 - Signups are OPEN

Ladies and gents. We have collectively chosen a theme, which is Snowy Day.  The two signup groups are open as of now.  There is one group that has a dollar limit on the swap ($35) and another with no dollar limit.  If you are interested in joining in the swapping fun, you have to do two things:

1.  Go to the group you wish to join (limited or unlimited) and click the little "Join" button in the lower right.

2.  Email that group's coordinator (see instructions within the group) with the requested information.

You will be assigned a partner as soon as possible.

Here are the links to the groups:



Questions, or if I forgot something, please post below!

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  • Will this be a secret swap, unknown until the swap is received?
  • What will the deadline for mailing be?  (You may have said earlier, but I don't recall.)  Thank you!

    BTW, I really LOVE snow, and this weekend we've had the earliest snowfall since 1935 in our area!!  I live just north of Seattle.  Sadly, it didn't stick around very long, but considering the steep long hills around here, it's probably just as well!!

  • It is a secret swap.  The partner you send to will not be the one you receive from.  

    For out-of-country mailers, the deadline to mail is Dec. 10.  For in-country it's Dec 18.

    • Thanks Elizabeth!!  Just tonight I was in Hobby Lobby, looking around, getting a few ideas....

    • Thanks for the details, Elizabeth :) .

  • This is my first Swap.  I have a quick question.   Are we supposed to post information about ourselves and our LDs (well I don't have one - I am on a waiting list) so that our Swap-mate has a sense of who we are?  I was reading posts from earlier Swaps and it looked like some folks did that.  I am very excited!

    • Dorothy, you need to send that information to Elizabeth or Laura, depending on which group, and she will send it on to whoever "draws" your name.  Check the instructions within whichever group for which you signed up, and it will tell you what she needs.  Regular stuff like your name and address, and so on, but there might be additonal things, too.  Hope that helps!

    • It is also ok to post a little about yourself, too, on the group  that you signed up in.  I'm sure whoever gets your name would be happy to know even  more about you to make their process easier.  :)  And it's just plain nice to get to know everyone, I think.

    • Good idea, Elizabeth!  I realized there are some other things I forgot to mention in my email to you, like my fragrance allergies.  Nothing worse than getting a package and opening it up and being overwhelmed with the smell of Febreze, or lavender, or something like that, and then having to leave the open box to "air out" in the garage!  I also forgot to mention that my feet are really small and do not fit most adult-size socks....It can be a real headache, sometimes, finding socks that are neither too big nor too small!  (My fingers are really short, too...<sigh>)

  • Okay, thank you.  I will post information on Wednesday when we get our names.  I am very excited about this Swap!

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