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Since we have so many new members, I just wanted to remind you that the rules state that all photos posted on this site must have a Little Darling in it (that includes avatars). If you've posted a photo for your avatar or for a discussion, etc., please find another photo with a Little Darling in it to take its place.  Thanks!!!!!


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  • At the risk of sounding like an idiot, what’s  an “avatar”?

  • Hi Carol,

    The Little Darling that you use use to identify yourself (she's next to your name above) is your avatar.

    When I click "comment" and post this, you will see Charlotte Noelle's photo (my Little Darling), appear next to my name.  She is my avatar.

    I am not sure of the origin of the word.  I think it's from a science fiction movie.

  • It is from the Hindu religion

    It is the manifestation of a God/deity. Vishnu in human or superhuman or animal form.

    I worked in a Chilldren’s library and we put together collections from all religion’s.  

  • Thanks Kazz, that is so cool!

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