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Garden Contest Results

Hi everyone!  Sorry about the delay in posting the results.  I had this post mostly done Wednesday and then got interrupted and it's been open, half-done on my computer till this morning when I got a minute.  Our apologies again for the delay.  Laura and I both had unexpected things come up but we finally got the photos judged.  Here are all the photographs and at the bottom is the winner's name.  Everyone did a great job and the photos and stories were a delight to go through.  I'm sure you will all enjoy them!  

Entry 1, Pauline:

Spring is coming and Little Darling Rene'e is planning her flower garden. She has purchased flower seeds and planted them in seedling boxes.  The little seedlings are ready to transplant. Little Darling consults her gardening books and gets ready to prepare the garden bed. Soon she will have lovely flowers.

Entry 2, Joy:

My girls Samantha and Bessie Bell went out early to get started on their garden planting. Unfortunately, the garden plot has very thick weeds from all of the rain we have received this year in northern California. So, Samantha picked a bouquet of weeds of course. After a lot of work, the girls decided to take a break. Bessie Bell thinks that she will just buy her carrots this year although, I'm not so sure about Samantha. If either girl turns around and sees what is lurking behind them, I'm sure they will both be scrambling back inside quickly.

Entry 3, Kelly Selzle:

Aislin loves to help out in the garden. Lilacs are her favorite, but today we were potting herbs and veggies. Barefoot and enjoying the sunshine after all of the rain we had this spring.

Entry 4, Michele:

Pay attention now…. first we have to dig lots of little holes, and then we can plant the seeds and water our garden. Then soon, we’ll have fresh veggies to eat for dinner!

Entry 5, Michele:

I think over there would be a great place for your very first garden.  I’ll teach you how to dig the holes and plant the seeds, and later on, we can water the seedlings….. What? What did you say? WHAT is your naughty little brother up to now???

Entry 6: Carla

This first one is my Bentley who loves everything pooh.  shes playing the roll of rabbit.  Mr. rabbit thinks is her plants those little carrots back in the ground they will grow into those giant carrots he loves so much. although he hopes to sell a few so he can purchase a large jar of hunny , that's so when his pal Winnie comes to visit there will be a bit of something fer pooh to snack on..   

Entry 7: Carla

Mariah  as belle going about her morning tasks, as you can see she has gone to the bakers for her baguette, then on to her friends to borrow a new book to read.after that she suppose to spend the morning hoeing the lettuce beds..  but I think she has more reading planned instead..hum..

Laura and I both arrived at the same winner based on our points scoring system, although I have to say it was a hard choice.  And the winner is:

MICHELE with entry number 5.  We enjoyed the story and how well the photos fit with it.  Nice work!  Michele, please email me your address and I'll get your prize mailed out!

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Down to the wire

For a lot of you, it's already Tuesday as I write this.  That means you have not quite four full days to complete and send a photo of your entry to Elizabeth for the Little Darlings Plant a Garden contest.  We hope that many of you are waiting for the last minute rather than giving this a pass because it's not a swap or something similar.  Dianna formed this group with learning in mind.  What do you learn from a contest?  How about staging a photograph so that it's well lit and inviting?  How to make props from paper mache or clay?  Learning more about scale so that everything in your photo is truly the right size for your Little Darling?  I think it's evident by the scoring criteria that was provided in the initial announcement, we don't consider this a "fluff" activity.  We want you to have fun, but we want you to try to do something new, too, and learn from it.  And have you seen the prizes that Elizabeth made???  I think they are the best that we've had in a long time!  Unfortunately, only one person provided prizes this time, but they are truly something that is worth the work!

So, while four days is a short period of time, it is still doable to complete an entry for this contest.  Remember to send one (two at the most) original to this contest super duper photo(s) to Elizabeth on Friday, May 5.  What do you have to lose????


Moderator with Elizabeth

PS.  New members - there are references to the contest in the Announcements section.  If you can't find them, just send me an email and I'll let you know where they are and what you need to do.  Please try to enter this contest, even if you wish you could have had more time.  Many people do their best under pressure!  :)

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It's almost May!

We've had a TON of rain these past few months in Oregon, so poor Little Darling can't plant a garden yet!  But, she needs to get the work done by May 5 - and so do you!  Just a reminder that the Spring contest ends at that time, so get your photos in to Elizabeth by then and we will go through them using the judging criteria already posted by Elizabeth.  If you need a refresher, just look back for her post (I think it's in Announcements).  This is a reminder that there's just a few weeks left before the deadline!!!!!  Have fun and be sure to read the list we will use to judge the entries!!!!


Moderator with Elizabeth

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