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Announcement from Dianna:


Hello Dear Collectors,

Please consider attending MDCC in San Antonio in 2019.  Last year in New Orleans all of us of the Doll Dreamers Guild and Friends had an amazing time, but then we always do when we’re together.  The artists who attended were myself, Nelly Valentino, Lana Dobbs, Pat Green, Joyce Matthews, Helen Skinner, associate artist, Gwen Peard and for the first time we met and welcomed our newest guild member all the way from Australia, LeeAnne Carpenter.  Please allow me to recount some of my most notable memories from the event.  I added 4 terrific Helen Kish dolls to my collection.  I acquired an 18 inch Meadow BJD which I will paint myself when I get a chance. I acquired 3 adorable Boneka dolls at the Boneka event.  I met a lovely young artist, Virginia Obeius, and admired her work which led me to buy one of her BJDs online after the event.  I had  an opportunity to witness some truly masterpiece heirloom style dresses made by Nelly Valentino.  Nelly introduced me to a new friend from the UK, Catherine French,  who makes the most exquisite little hand knit sweaters and I was able to purchase 3 of the them.  I struck a deal with Suzie Langellier to trade a doll for some of her beautiful sweaters.  

Our meal event was a lot of fun. Though I was a bit nervous about getting up in front of the crowd and telling the story of Suzette Dupré, the audience seemed pleasantly entertained and amused by my attempts to speak and sing in French.  I will be posting the story on one of my sites with pictures of Suzette, hopefully soon. 

The event was well attended.  It was great to see old friends like Claudia Braun of Boneka.  We were a little disappointed that there were not as many of our collectors and fans as there have been at other conventions.  Next year in San Antonio we are going to try some new ideas and be more engaged with the collectors who come to meet the artists.  Please let us know if you are planning to attend.  That will help us plan and coordinate activities and hospitality arrangements. 

We hope to see some of you in San Antonio next September.

Warm regards from all of us in the Doll Dreamers Guild. 

Your Devoted Doll Artist,

Dianna Effner


Photos show  Nelly's amazing work and some sweaters by Catherine French:

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  • Kaye and I certainly plan to be there, Dianna, and our roommates, Hannah and Janis.  Can't wait!

  • As a good o Texan, im certainly going to be there. I can’t wait!!!

  • Didn't think I could come but just found a way to make it happen. Awesome there will be two Little Darling events. Can't wait. 

    • That is great news, Starr!  Did you sign up for Helen Skinners event?



    • Yes can't believe I am going. Need to sell some dolls to cover it but yea!.  I will see you there at Helen's event and Dianna's. Whoopie Little Darlings. :)

  • It looks like a bunch of you folks will be there.  Please give us a report when you return.  We will all want to hear about the great fun you will surely have.

    • I always put photos on the Modern Doll Collectors Convention Chat page.


    • Dear Sissy, great.  Where is that located?


    • Here is the link:


      Modern Doll Collectors Convention chat
      A chat group for attendees and friends of MDCC. Please this is not a sales group. We do love your pictures though.
    • Dear Sissy, thanks.  Unfortunately, I don't have Facebook. 

      Please post a photo and/or comment on ning when you return.  I am so excited for you!  Have a great time.

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