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Question for our international members

Hi all.  Laura and I talked a while back about the possibility of creating some sub-groups for those of you who are non-English speakers to discuss the dolls here in your own language.  I would like to ask if there is interest in this?  If the answer is yes, we can create a few groups in the "Groups" section above for each country.  I know, for example, that we have a sizable membership from Russia and also from France.  Since neither Laura nor I speak these languages fluently (I can read and speak a little French only), if we do want to proceed with this idea, I would ask for a bilingual volunteer to serve as a moderator of these subgroups and any questions or concerns that arose could then be passed up to me or Laura by this moderator.  Any thoughts?  Input?  Ideas?

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  • I'm afraid the only other language *I* ever studied was Latin (H.S.), and fat lot of good that has done me thru the years!  LOL 

    I think it would mostly be up to those who speak those languages.  I would hope they would also continue to post (either in English themselves or thru automated English translation) here on this site.

  • Hi Elizabeth,

    If you create a group for French people, I can help since I can speak/ write and read English as you know. I'm not perfect with English langage since I am a French native speaker, but my knowledge of English langage can be useful for other people who can not speak a word of English. 

    Nevertheless, I don't know what are the tasks asked for being a moderator :) .

    I'm a volunteer for helping both Laura and you.



    • Thanks, Joelle!  Basically, you would just pass along questions that needed to be answered by one of us.  Do you think there would be interest among our French-speaking members to have a French subgroup here?

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      I think that it would be a great idea to have a try with a French subgroup here. Dianna Effner is becoming more and more famous and I'm sure some French people would be happy to share their passion about LD with all of you, but English langage is an obstacle for some of them.

      I can help you if you wish to and would be happy to do so. Passing along questions is ok with me :) .

      Have a nice day <3 !

  • Hi Elizabeth!
    I'm not interested, we have Russian forums to discuss all questions in our language ^_^ and almost all Russian collectors can speak English.

  • I just wonder how many collectors are in Poland...? I met only one

  • I don't think there is another one from Austria and only some from Germany.
  • Hello, doll lovers! The idea of establishing an international puppet forum wonderful, most importantly, that we are united by the desire to share with one another the joy and warmth, skill and creativity. It's so beautiful: share ideas and beauty that we create for their dolls.

  • Hi ^_^ 
    I don't know how helpful I will be, but I'm from Thailand. Lol

    I can speak, read and write both English and Thai fluently.
    I came to the United States back in May 1989 with my father.
    He came to the USA to further his education and got a green card.
    So I have been here ever since. ^_^

    • Welcome!  :)

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