Questions for the Artist

Dianna has offered to do a question and answer session.  If you have any questions for her, feel free to post them below and I'll send them on to her and post the answers!


Happy Monday everyone!

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  • Hi, Dianna,

    I have really enjoyed your MDCC workshops.  Can you tell me if you are giving any this year, and if so, what kind?

  • Hi Dianna, A while back you gave us some information about helping Lana organize her orders. You told us to mail her a paper copy of our deposit with information about what we ordered. You told us she would email us back a verification that she got our paperwork. Both my friend and I did that several weeks ago and we have not gotten any response from her. I know it must be hard for you to keep acting as an intermediary for our orders with her, but can you let her know we are still waiting for an acknowledgement?

    • Dianna let me know that a few of the artists are going to get together to help Lana organize her order system, so please be patient.

  • Hi Dianna, I was wondering if you have any ownership in the Heartstring Dolls and if you will continue them yourself or know of any other plans to continue them? I know that Jo has a note on her page that the business is for sale although she stated that she will continue making clothing for them. They are so sweet!

    Also I wanted to tell you how much I love my Jonathan and Abby Rose! They are my treasures. 

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    • Lynn, That would be wonderful!!!! I think Dianna's Little Darlings are just going to get more and more popular and so another artist would be welcomed by us non painters.

  • Hello Dianna,

    Years ago, you mentioned that there are backstories to some of your orginal dolls (Isabelle, Samantha, Amanda, Emily, Zoe, etc). I would love to know a little more about those stories and these fabulous girls you've created. 

    Do you have a favorite character to paint? What about a favorite sculpt? I would enjoy reading anyting about what you love about the Little Darlings.

    Also, are there plans for a 5th sculpt?

    Thank you for creating these beautiful dolls and sharing your amazing talents with us!


    • I second your questions, Mylissa!!  Good ones, all!

    • I totally agree with you and would love to know about the dolls stories ! Mine is  Amanda and I'm eager to know :) .

      Thank you so much!

  • Dianna, I think I ask this question for more than myself. Do you know if and when you will be opening up an order list or waiting list? It would be a real treasure to have just one Little Darling from the woman who started it all. Thank you.

  •  Hello Dianna, 

    Thanks so much for the lovely work you do creating those lovely girls; and as Mylissa suggested it above, I would be very glad to hear about your girls' stories. I'm very fond of my little Amanda who became Summer, crossing the oceans to come to France !

    Thank you for  your time; and many thanks to let us dream....



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