Where In The World Is Your Little Darling?

As we welcome our 900th member, let’s take a moment to see where we all are. We know that we are an international organization but where do we all live? Let’s find out!


Take a photo of your Little Darling in front of a local historic marker, a map, or a city/state/county/country sign that shows where she or he lives. Your Little Darling could also hold up an object that symbolizes your hometown, like a small Eiffel Tower for Paris or a small Space Needle for Seattle.


In the end, we can all answer the question: where in the world is your Little Darling?


Thanks to Dorothy King for creating this activity for us!!! This was first added to Discussions.



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      Neat idea!!  I am going to have to think about this one, because the Mountlake Terrace (WA) sign is HUGE, and my girls would get lost--plus it's on the corner of a freeway entrance and a very busy road!  Maybe down by the library or police station, though....Thinking.....

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      I live in a small country village in the “middle of nowhere”, as my Mum used to say - she lived in London all her life!

      So not sure how I would depict the UK - unless it is the parched fields in the heatwave! 


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        My daughter lived in England for a few years in a little village a few hours north of London and it was charming. The homes were very distinct and her place had a charming garden. We also visited a castle, Stonehenge, a beautiful little street of shops in Bath and an old old church while there. I’ll bet you can find a little something somewhere to pose your Little Darling with. :)

    Charlotte Trayer
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    • Where in England, Kazz and Karen C.  My penpal, since I was 12 a loooong time ago, lived in Ruskington and now Sleaford, Lincs.  I've seen Stonehenge when I got to visit her twice (a long time ago).


  • That's interesting.  This group was formed by Dianna herself (with Elizabeth's technical knowledge).


    • I'm not sure how the above got posted with my name on it (the part that starts "This is a new social network...").  Those aren't even my dolls in the picture!

      Also, the link for this page that appeared in my email tonight didn't work--it just came up with a blank.  Very frustrating!!

      And now I can't get it to post!!

      Can the mods do anything about this?  Thanks.

    • Well, I couldn't get it to post immediately following the "This is a new social..." but did after Laura's comment!  

      Ain't technology grand?!

    • I asked Elizabeth if it was a glitch.  It's just a glitch and we can't fix it.   We have no way to access the fixes!  I guess we just wait.


    • Rats. Okay, thanks....guess we'll just have to work around it.

      In the meantime, I'll see if I can delete all those duplicate posts!  LOL

  • Dear Little Darling family, Charlotte Noelle and her little sister Windsor want you to know that "you have a friend in Pennsylvania."  That's our old state slogan (smile).52168315?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Dear Dorothy, thanks for this adorable photo. Maddie, Gunda, Kathrin, Nadine and Chantel likes your photo too. They are sending greetings to Windsor and Charlotte Noelle. And they are so happy to have friends in Pennsylvania!!! By the way, Nadine would like to know, where you have bought Charlotte Noelle‘s very nice boots.(Smile)!!!

    • Dear Karin, hello to you and your girls.  Please let Nadine know that the boots came from Deb's Adorables.  I am posting the link here.  She has a website and an ebay store.  These boots zip up the back.  She has some that just lace but I like the zip ones the best.  Have a nice Sunday!


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