Winter Holiday Swap 2018 - Signup Open!!


An announcement first:  Dorothy King has been added as a moderator to help out me and Laura with keeping up around here!  Thanks, Dorothy!  She has done a tremendous amount of work to get this swap ready and going and I thank her for it!

Ladies and gents. We have chosen a theme, which is Once Upon a New Years Past Little Darlings will time travel to the past and enjoy fun and games from long ago New Years days.

The two signup groups are open now.  There is one group that has a dollar limit on the swap ($35) and another with no dollar limit.  If you are interested in joining in the swapping fun, you have to do two things:

1.  Go to the group you wish to join (limited or unlimited) and click the little "Join" button in the lower right.

2.  Email that group's coordinator (Elizabeth or Dorothy) with the requested information. See instructions within the group guidelines.

You will be assigned a partner as soon as possible.

Here are the links to the groups:

LIMITED GROUP:  $35 Limit Group

UNLIMITED GROUP:  Unlimited Swap Group

If you have questions, or if I forgot something, please post below!

Full rules and signup information are in each of the links above, but here are the general deadlines for your information:

To submit your name to the coordinators: By Monday, November 5
When partners will be assigned: By Wednesday, November 7
When you should mail your swap in US: By Monday, November 26
When to mail if out of US: By Thursday, November 15
When to show your photos: Monday, Dec 25 or Tuesday, January 1


E-mail me when people leave their comments –


  • I saw this on my mail. What is Winter Holiday Swap. It sounds neat! How does it work?

  • Dear Linda, I will send you an email with the information.  It's so much fun!

  • Hi I don’t think I understand what the swap is about please let me know thanks

  • Dear Mayra, hello.  I will send you an email with the information.  The swap is a fun way to get to know the other members and to exchange wonderful gifts for our Little Darlings.

  • I've taken part in every swap since I joined this group, however I must say I'm hesitant to join this year.  I'm disappointed in the theme and confused about how to keep the theme when I put together a swap.    

  • Dear Diana, hello.  I am sorry that you are disappointed.  We thought we would try something different.

    Here is a way you can approach the Swap:

    Pick a time in history: the 1960s or the 1940s (for example) and create or find an outfit that would work for that time.  For example, the 1960s was a time of mini skirts and Go-Go boots.  The 1940s was World War 2.

    You could also find a nice pair of pajamas for you Swap Mate's Little Darling and pair that with a children's book from times past.  I remember loving to read Little Golden Books when I was a child.

    You might want to think about a star gazing twist.  That's timeless.  Perhaps a little girl looks at the night sky and is transported to a time when her mother was a child.

    We would love to have you participate again.  I am going to send you an email to see if you have any more questions.

  • I personally envisioned it along the lines of that I would pick my favorite time period, say the 1950s (I love children's outfits from then) and imagine my Little Darling as a little girl in the 50s allowed to stay up for the New Year's party.  I would send my swap partner a 1950s style party dress, maybe some tiny party accessories (party hats, etc--there are printables avaialble out there), possibly some scale party treats, etc.  If I was participating in the unlimited swap, I'd probably send a "next day" outfit, likely some kind of casual winter day wear in the same time period and a handful of accessories to go with that.  I'd include a gift for my partner herself, maybe some kind of candy, tea, a book, a sachet, candle, etc, and a Happy New Year card.  :) 

    • Thanks Elizabeth,  that helps.  I guess I was making it too difficult in my mind.   Please do add me to the swap again this year.



    • Oops,  I meant:


      Thanks Dorothy for helping me out on this.

    • Dear Diana, you are welcome.  We are glad you will be on board.

      You have to register yourself.  I don't think I can do it for you. 

      You just need to click on to the $35 Limited or the Unlimited $ group.  The link is above on this page.

      I am already having fun with this swap!

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