Winter Holiday Swap Theme Ideas

Ladies and gents!  Let's get planning for our annual holiday swap.  Please throw out some ideas to us moderators so we can start organizing.  Any theme requests this year?



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  • Hm, These sprang to mind:

    "Winter Wonderland"? (could be outdoor clothes/sports) 

    "Waiting for Santa"?  (maybe sleepwear, a stocking, etc.) 

    "[Sunday] School Christmas Program"? (dressy clothes, appropriate costumes)

    Anyone else have ideas?

  • "A Musical Christmas " -   could be fabrics of a musical pattern; maybe an outfit with a musical instrument sized for our LD; Choir robe;  outfits which represent Christmas songs such as :  Elf, Santa, Reindeer, Sleigh, etc.

    "SugarPlum Christmas" -  maybe dress with apron, sleepwear (dreaming of sugarplums), dressy dress for visiting Grandma and sampling her baked goods, etc., cookie recipe exchange, etc.







  • I like the musical christmas and the Sugar plum Christmas ideas.Pauline

  • One idea that crossed my own mind yesterday was something along the lines of How I Celebrate in my Country/Town/State.  We have people now from all over the world and maybe we could highlight what about our personal holiday celebrations makes us the happiest.  

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