World Doll Day 2019

The Little Darlings Celebrate World Doll Day – Saturday, June 8

In June 1986, doll maker Mildred Seeley created World Doll Day so that
doll lovers and doll collectors could share their passion with the world. On
this day, Ms. Seeley suggested that a doll be given to an adult or child in
the neighborhood or around the globe. She also suggested that doll
exhibits and discussions be held.

She noted that “I have always felt that the common doll could be an
instrument of world understanding...I had the hope that dolls would help
make friends all over the world and develop a little love among all.”
Well our Little Darlings certainly help us do that!
Since its inception, World Doll Day has been celebrated on the second
Saturday in the month of June. This year it falls on Saturday, June 8.

Here is a challenge: How will you and your Little Darling celebrate
World Doll Day? Post a photo of what you do to celebrate the day.

Here are some suggestions: Find a doll in a thrift shop, clean it up, and
give it to a child. Pass along a doll you no longer want to an adult collector.
Volunteer to give a talk on doll collecting at your local library.
Let’s send the love of dolls all around the world!

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  • What a fun idea--thanks, Elizabeth!  I will give it some thought, and see what I can do.

    I've given dolls to our granddaughter in the past, and she has loved them. I also gave one to her mother, a Cabbage Patch Kid to replace the one she lost in a fire when she was a child.  She and her sisters cried when she opened the gift!  (Her daughter wasn't born yet; later, I sent Lily a CPK, also, and had given her big brother one when he was 4.)

  • Dear Elizabeth, what I beautiful idea! 

  • Dear Little Darling Friends,

    My girls and I are celebrating World Doll Day by having a parade in the park.  We invite you to join in. 

    Please post photos of your Little Darlings marching along.




  • That sounds like such fun, Dorothy!  Will have to see what we can do here!  (I have some wonderful prints to make into play outfits for my girls, but haven't gotten anything done on that yet!  Guess I'd better get busy! They'll have to wear what they have for this year...)

    A number of years ago, my friend Daria and I decided to do a "4th of July Parade" (actully done After the 4th) with our dolls; we went out to a shopping area which had a doll shop, where there was a courtyard, and set up our Julie Good-Kruger dolls (16") and Magic Attic dolls as the participants and our American Girl and similar-sized dolls as the observers, and took lots of pictures. That was before digital cameras, so I'm going to have to see if I can find those and scan them and put them on a disc so I can share them sometime.  We had such a wonderful time.  Of course, it was months in the planning, and, all told, we had 28 dolls out there between the two of us!  Also, Esther, at the doll shop, vacillated between telling us we were "nuts!" and offerning props and other dolls to add to our dsiplay!  We decided she really wanted to play, too, but was kind of afraid to!!

    Sadly, we lost Daria 12 years ago, at the age of 60.  She was a lifelong smoker, and died suddenly of a massive heart attack. I still miss her, as she was the one friend I could really "play dolls" with at that time!

  • Dear Charlotte, oh, yes, do find the photos.  I would love to see them.  Wow 28 dolls.

    In the meantime, grab your dolls and join this parade!

  • Happy World Doll Day!  I should have clarified when I posted this that it was written by Dorothy!  :)  Olivia has been playing with her dolls all day (every day is World Doll Day to her) and she had a few new friends visit and they played doll salon with American Girl Dolls.  I hope you are all enjoying your day.  Dorothy, thanks for the activity!

  • Dear Elizabeth, how wonderful that there is doll play going on at your house!

    I went to the local doll museum today and hung out with the owner for a while.  Big fun!  I also purchased a doll to give away as a door prize at our doll club meeting tomorrow.

    My doll family wishes a Happy World Doll Day to you and to the entire Little Darling community!

  • Happy Doll Day to everyone! It proved to be a busier-than-normal day for me today, so I didn't get to play like I thought I would.  :-(  Maybe tomorrow, after church??  We shall see.....

    • Dear Charlotte, I hope that you were able to have some doll play today.

      I made a presentation at doll club on Madame Alexander.  Yesterday I went to the local doll museum.  This has been a fun filled dolly weekend.  Our doll club luncheon is next Saturday so the month just gets better!

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    Hope, you all had a nice doll day. I am late! Yesterday we had to harvest the strawberries and I cooked Marmalde. Today my mother-in-law is with us. She was a great help to style the dolls for the photo. So we had some wonderful hours with a lot of fun- a happy dolls day!


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