World Doll Day is Saturday, June 9 and since we are an international group, all of the Little Darlings around the world want to celebrate.  But how can they get together and party????  Well, Dorothy King has come up with a way to do so.  I'll let Dorothy explain, and she will organize the celebration, but I want to give her a ton of gratitude and credit for having such a fun plan!!  Are you curious how we will pull this off??  I hope so!  Look for Dorothy's post with all of the details coming soon! 

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  • Sounds like fun--can't wait to hear more about it!

    • It should be!  Dorothy has a lot of great ideas!!

  • Yes, I am interested!

    • Great!  Thanks, Sissy!!


  • Dear Friends,

    We and our Little Darlings have a wonderful opportunity to commemorate World Doll Day by coming together with other group members and their Little Darlings on Saturday, June 9. World Doll Day is an annual holiday created by Mildred Seeley to celebrate and share the love of dolls. I won’t go into detail about this holiday. You can learn more through a Google search.

    All ning members are invited to participate in one of three categories, whether or not you have a Little Darling. We know that some folks are on waiting lists.

    Here is how it works.

    Category A - Gatherings With Ning Members And Their Little Darlings
    1 Individuals agree to host an event in an "anchor" city. Those who live close can travel to the anchor city with their Little Darlings in tow, of course. The host would then be responsible for planning the gathering (i.e. finding the venue to meet, etc.).
    2 I will post a list of hosts and locations on the ning site.
    3 Those who wish to attend an anchor event should leave a note in the host's ning email box.
    4 The host will then email the folks via ning or her or his own email server with information about the gathering. In that way, the ning discussions are not dominated by this activity.
    5 I will create a Hosting Information Sheet and get it out to the hosts.
    6 Hosts will post photos of their gatherings on June 9.

    If you want to be a host, send me an email through ning.

    Category B - My Little Darling Is Getting Ready - Photo Only
    If you are unable to attend a gathering, you and your Little Darling can still participate. Simply dress your Little Darling as if she or he is getting ready for a gathering and take a photo. You could even pose your Little Darling on the “red carpet” or in front of the Eiffel Tower or Brooklyn Botanical Gardens as if she is waiting for a limo to pick her up.

    If you don’t have a Little Darling, you can substitute other Dianna Effner dolls (viz. Bonekas or Marus).

    Remember to use a caption to tell a story about your photo. In the example above your might write, “Here is my Boneka named Rachel. She loves being in the spotlight.”

     Category C – You Just Missed My Little Darling - Photo Only
    This category is for individuals who do not have any Dianna Effner dolls. Here is how you can participate. Take a photo of where your Little Darling just “was.” For example, take a photo of the back of the limo taking your Little Darling to a gathering.
    Remember to use a caption to tell a story about your photo. In the example above you might write, “You just missed my Little Darling; the limo driver came early and she is on her way to the gathering.”

    Sign Up To Be A Host - Before Friday, March 23

    Dorothy Posts List Of Hosts - On Tuesday, April 3

    Hosts Share Gathering Information - By Friday, April 20

    All Hosts And Participants Post Photos on June 9

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • What a wonderful idea, Dorothy! I have been a Mildred Seeley fan ever since I saw a stunning 24” Cody Jumeau Triste named Danielle standing in the window of one of the very first shops to offer antique reproduction doll classes in the Denver area in the late 70’s. However, I never knew Mildred was the person responsible for World Doll Day. This could be lots of fun! 

  • Wow Dorothy  - you did a great job of planning this all out and explaining it.  There is something for everyone.  I hope we have some interested people in our area. 


  • Might it be possible to make up a list of interested people and their city/state, just to see what the interest is? This might help people who are considering a possibility of hosting to see what scale of venture they might be taking on.

    • That sounds like a good idea!  It may make it easier in the long run.  Thanks, Karen!


  • Dear Karen, that's a great idea.

    Anyone who is interested in attending the event please post your name and location.  If you don't want to post this information here directly then send me an email and I will hold on to the information and let you know if there is a host in your area.

    I want everyone to have ownership and say in this activity.  I started things going with the activity but we can make this whatever you want.  I am just happy that we have our ning group.  So many doll clubs are ending and so many doll museums are closing, I want to hold on to this one!

    Dotti and I are in Central Pennsylvania.  We can host local folks and folks who want to travel from Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, for example or anywhere else close.

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