HELP ME! Tutorials

How to add a new topic in the Discussion Forum:

Go to the Discussion Forum tab at the top and then click the "Add Discussion" button over on the upper right.  In the "Discussion Title" box, type the topic you wish to discuss.  In the big white box below, type what you wish to say.  Add photos or links as you wish, following directions below.  In the lower right section, you should select a category that corresponds to your topic.  Sales go in the For Sale category, discussions about Little Darling topics go in the "Everything Else Little Darling Related" category, sharing something you made goes in the "Look What I Made" category, etc.  Then hit "Publish."

How to put a picture in a Discussion Forum post:

If the photos are not rotated in the right orientation, you will need to change their orientation on your computer before you upload them.  If you open them with Microsoft Paint (if you are on Windows) or a similar program on Mac, you can rotate the pictures and then resave them.  In Paint, you just click the button at the top that says "Rotate" and get it the way it needs to be and then hit save.  

Then, open up a new discussion.  Type what you want to show up in the post, then when you want to add a picture, click the little button above that is second from left and looks like a little tiny picture.  

Click the "Choose File" button and find it on your computer.  Then click "open" and it will upload.  Once it uploads, click OK and it'll appear in your post.  If it's too big, select the photo in your post and then click "edit" and you can set the width in pixels.  

If you need a better photo editing program than what comes on your computer, I would recommend  I love that program.  It's basically a free version of Photoshop.  You can download it here:  

How to add a link to a discussion forum post:

Open a new discussion forum post.  In the text box, type what you want.  When you are ready to add the link, click the little LINK button above your text box:

A little box pops up.  In the top text area, type what you want the link to read as in your post, for instance:  "Fun Auction on Ebay".  In the bottom box, paste in the link that you want to share.

Then you can click "OK" and the link will appear in your post.  When you're all done with your post, hit "Publish."

Click here to add a help question

Click the link below, type in your question and then in the lower right choose the "Help" section and click Publish to add a question.