Current Updates

Dianna Effner: Progress report as of April 10, 2019:  Last year she sent out "invitations to order" to her wait list at that time.  In mid July she got over 200 orders.  She is less than half way through these orders.  Progress has been slowed at various times for various reasons and Dianna does not want to over-commit to orders so as not to disappoint anyone, but she is painting as many as she can as often as she can.

Geri Uribe:  Geri's order list is caught up and she is taking orders by invitation only so as not to become overwhelmed with orders.  She has a wait list of about 8-10 mos.

Lee-Anne Carpenter:   As of May 28th , I am currently working on orders promised in May, June and July 2019 so I am actually ahead of time.
My wait list us out to May 2021. So if you were to put your name down today, your doll would be painted in May of 2021.

Lana Dobbs: See important note below. PLEASE NOTE:  Lana has a very hard time with her internet access.  If you have an urgent question concerning your order, please CALL her.  Her phone number is available under the contact information at her website.  

Nelly Valentino:  Latest update on Nelly's site:  working on orders from the first week of Feb. 2017.

Pat Green:  Feb 25, 2017: Pat is working on August/September 2015 orders.

Magalie Dawson:

As of March 7, 2019:  Magalie is painting dolls ordered in April of last year, so she is ahead of schedule.  Her waitlist is open.  If you were to get on it now, you'd likely get your doll in July of next year.

Magalie books 12 months' worth of orders.  As she fulfills a month of orders, she will contact collectors on her waiting list to have them place an order.  The wait time is about a year from when you place your order, so be sure to get your name on her waiting list! The link to sign up is located on this page:

Other artists: please send me a message if you want me to post an update for you, too.


Everyone, please remember our artists are working as fast as they can on dolls and please be patient!  Each one is a true work of art and art takes time.

Important Update about Lana Orders

An important notice for anyone waiting 
for a doll from Lana

by Dianna Effner.

Some artists are just not good at organizing. I am fortunate to have Geri working with me. Geri is very organized. I don't think I could do what I do without her help. My friend Lana Dobbs is more like me but she doesn't have a helper like Geri so things have gotten out of control at Lana's doll studio. Plus she has other challenges and problems like the world's worst internet service. I want to find a way to help. I have been inviting collectors to contact Lana through me but I have also had difficulty contacting Lana.

I talked to Lana by phone yesterday. We got cut off 3 times while I was trying to give her information about Emails I have received from her collectors. During the conversation she was telling me about some of the problems she has had with her Email server. It's not getting better. In fact it has gotten worse. One thing is that she seldom has service, almost never. She has to go somewhere else to check her Email. Her location happens to be a place where the signal is weak and intermittent. Another problem is that the server started bundling her Email messages making it almost impossible to find anything.

I called Lana back after the 3rd time we got cut off and told her I would print some of the Emails and mail them to her. I want to help Lana get her orders organized and under control. It wasn't much trouble to print out the Emails and put them in an envelope. I know one of Lana's collectors from overseas recently told me she was going to mail in her info to Lana. I am thinking that would be a great help to Lana if everyone who is waiting for a doll, mail her their info. Then if an order had been one that was lost, she will have a fresh copy. She could keep the "orders" together in a folder, arrange them according to the date of the order, not have to rely on the internet or try to remember all the various telephone conversations. Telephone calls from collectors tie up too much time even if the phone is working.

So here is my suggestion. Print out copies of invoices, messages, pictures, whatever, pertaining to your order. Make your final choices and make them clear in your message. Make sure the date of your original order is clearly noted. Tell how you would like to pay and make sure the pertinent info is also included. Maybe you could put in a self addressed stamped envelop if you need a quick reply. If you are in the U.S. you should include your phone number so that Lana would be able to contact you if she needs to.

Mail it to Lana Dobbs, 243669 E. County Road 554, Fairview, OK 73737. Old fashioned but simple and very helpful. PS Lana said she would acknowledge receiving your mailing by Email so be sure to include your email address.

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  • Thank you, Elizabeth, on behalf of of Alla and all who have been waiting for so long. Some realistic counsel as to where to go from here will be appreciated. A crucial question might be: “Does a comprehensive, chronological list/file of previous orders currently exist? Should expectant collectors RE_FILE their order?’’ If so, to whom should it be sent? Thank you fo any insight you can garner.
  • Alla, I emailed Dianna. She will try to see what's going on. It's also hard even for her to contact Lana. I'll update again if I hear anything more.
  • I am sorry to write but we still have not received our dolls. I tried to contact Lana again by mail and on FB, I wrote to Diana. Nothing. Now it seems they simply ignore the problem. That's really awful and depressing. Isn't there anything to be done? Doesn't Diana care about the artist she allowed to paint her dolls? Should not there be some responsibility for the money taken (to say nothing of the years I've been waiting for my order)? Looks like a froud scheme to me.
  • Dear Alla, I am so sorry for your long wait.

    There was an update on orders on July 31, 2019. You might want to scroll down and read that.

    There is information that orders for late 2014 were being completed. Perhaps your doll is being worked on.
  • Looks I am going to celebrate 5 years of my order. Without a doll.
  • is it someone who bas received his order?
  • I placed my order in september 2014, and no news since she accused my letter in june! I'm desesperate !
  • Any news? It has been 4 years and 1 month sinсу I placed the order.
  • Alla, gather the information for you and your friend. Include:

    Date of order

    How much you gave as a deposit: credit card or check (Include date of deposit)

    Doll you requested: Sculpt #, eye color, etc. (Include photo of example if you have one)

    Your name, current address, email address, phone number

    This information can be sent via text to Lana at: (580) 227-0919. Or send via email to:

    In your title write: About My Doll Order With Lana

    I did both two weeks ago. I have not yet heard from Lana, but I know she received it as the text was marked "read".
    I have faith that this will be straightened out. The sooner everyone re-sends their information to Lana and Dianna, the better. Juanita
  • Diana, thank you that you've decided to help. The situation seem to be really bad from what I see. The problem is not the connection, but the organization of the process. I've made my order almost 3 and a half years ago (Sep. 10, 2014) The same for my friend. We live in Russia and old simple way of communication - letters seem to be a bit complicated and too long (even after 3 years of waiting). I surely can gather the information about my order. By maybe you could find another solution for oversees collectors. Could somebody collect the info by e-mail and forward it to Lana?
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